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Channel Partnerships – Why They Matter?

Do Focus on “ Channel Partnerships”

Doesn’t Matter at what stage is your company in because if you get this right, it can provide a Significant Growth.

So How To Go About it?

Find the other brands out there to whom you can partner with.

It might be like selling your product at a discounted price when someone makes a purchase from a brand you have partnered with.

But while doing these Partnerships you have to be sure that the End Customers are getting some real value from this combined deal.

Your Product must compliment or significantly add more value to the existing product that someone is purchasing.

For e.g., once I was consulting a Web Development Agency. And we devised a Growth hack where we partnered with a handful of Company Registration firms out there.

The idea was that if someone who is looking to register a firm, will also be probably looking to have a website.

This deal was immensely successful because it provided great value addition to the Registration firms as well because we also used to get requests from first-time entrepreneurs who want to build their websites and obviously later will be needing a firm registration service

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