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Email is Not DEAD!!

Email is not dead

If someone is telling you the opposite, they no longer know about Email Marketing

Email Marketing Still Works, and it works the best only if you know how to do it right

There are certain things that you need to follow to Get your Email Marketing Straight:

  1. Provide Value through emails. Don’t make your Emails just to Promote Discounts. It will Pull People Off. Share the content that will really benefit the reader. For Every 5 Emails that you will send to one Customer, one of that can be a Promotion Email but no more than that
  1. Send Emails at the same time. That’s the Holy Grail of Email Marketing. By Sending Emails at the same time you are giving your customers a habit when they have to look for your Emails.
  1. Keep checking your Domain Reputation from which you are sending Emails. If it wents down your emails are probable ending in the Promotional tab rather than the primary inbox
  1. It’s not necessary to send out that Graphic Design Template every time. It can be a simple text. And believe me it will surprise that it has much Better Open and Click-Through Rates than the Graphic Design Template one
  1. Be Human. Just imagine what kind of Emails you yourself like to read and what kind of Emails you just ignore. Don’t believe in common Practice that how the Subject line should be, what kind of design it has to be etc.. Knowbody knows or can explain your business better than you. 

That’s all. Only these 5 steps you need to follow. Nothing Else.