SEO – Don’t Ignore This!!

SEO – Don’t Ignore This!!


Don’t ignore this, please!!

If you have a website where you collect leads or sell Products, focus on getting “SEO” right first.

It matters. It matters a lot.

Because if you get SEO Right, you can at least start getting the Free Organic Traffic that Google has to give.

Some of the successful B2C startups, including the likes of Flipkart and Airbnb, used SEO as a prime acquisition in their early days. And even now, for most of the successful companies you know, their 60 to 70% revenue comes from SEO.

But let me warn you. It is not easy. It’s not an easy skill to learn.

Maybe the most difficult Marketing Medium to crack. You might be putting your efforts but the result won’t come immediately.

But if you have patience and keep on working and learning SEO, it will be Highly Rewarding at End.

Now the main question is, From where can you learn and improve your SEO Skills?

Follow Moz Blogs.

It’s more than sufficient. Those guys have done a brilliant job

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