The Right Time To Grow and Scale Customer Acquisitions

Many Startups do the Mistake of Focusing on Growth as soon as they are launched.

Their focus is on acquiring as many users as possible. They Spend aimlessly on Every Medium. I understand the excitement of launch and eagerness to show your Product to the complete world, but one has to be very careful.

There are two Stages of Any Startup: Pre Product-Market Fit and Post Product-Market Fit

If you are in the stage of Pre Product-Market Fit, then put a brake on your Growth Experiments. We should only Focus on Growth when we first have a steady no of users using or Buying our Products at a Constant Rate. We first prove that what we have built, there is a genuine Demand for that.

To Determine where your Startup has preached Product-Market Fit, see this:

Once you have achieved Product- Market Fit, you can start focusing on Growth, because you will now know who your Target Customers are and what they actually want.