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Two Rule’s of Most Successful PM

Of All The Great PMs I know over my career, they are two rules which everyone follows and If you want to be a Successful Product Manager, you should follow them too.

1. Follow Company Mission:

The Product Strategy that you will build must be in the interest of the Company Mission.

This Again depends upon three things: What’s the Company Goal is, What is the Constraint on Resources(People, Money & Time), What are the Environmental Signals

You need to be super attentive on all these to craft out the Perfect Product Strategy Every Time

2. Accomplish Everything Through Others:

Your Job is not to directly build or Operate the Product but must Enable others to do the same.

You must act like the Coach of the Sport’s team. Your job is to provide and enable all the resources which your team needs to succeed.

In Case of Win, give equal credit to your team. In Case of Lose, you must hold yourself accountable only and not to your team.