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I am currently working as a Senior Product Manager at PharmEasy. I have 4+ Years of Product Management Experience across large-scale consumer internet startups where I have primarily worked on 0-to-1 workstreams/initiatives. I have a high entrepreneurial zeal & love building products from scratch. Read my Resume to learn more about my work experience

How we can collaborate ?

Full Time Hire

Looking for a person to help you to shape your vision into a Product? I come with a 4+ Years of Experience of building & scaling Products in both 0 to 1 & large scale set ups.

Mock Interviews

Give 1:1 PM Mock Interviews with me & get actionable feedback which will help you to crack the PM Interview in your dream company


Over the years I have build Proficiency & Expertise in all the facets of Product Management


I can Lead and Execute the Entire array of Product Development: From Concept / Idea to Market Launch and beyond. Proficiency in Identifying a market need, building Roadmaps, Conceptualising & designing the product, developing MVP and iterating based on User Feedback. Big Fan of Lean Startup Methodology!


Product Strategy is the Foundation of Entire Product Lifecycle. I can formulate clear product strategy making sure the Product must meet its End Goal: To Deliver its Unique Value to the respective target market, while zero in on target customers in identifying their needs and aligning internal Stakeholders.


I can align Product Positioning and features as per the Target Market need and keep on optimizing them as the Market Changes, making sure at the end of day, customer get real value out of the product and usage grow fast


Enabling Sales / Marketing teams with relevant knowledge and resources, such as Competitive Intelligence, Creating Go to Market Strategy and Product Launch Plans to attract new customers and drive Product Demand


With Proficiency in Modern Age Analytical skills and of appropriate tools, I can define and track relevant product metrics and how to further improve and optimize them to bring more sales and better Customer Experience

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