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Accomplish Everything Through Others

The Golden Rule of Product Management – Accomplish Everything Through Others

As a Product Manager, your Objective and Goal should be to accomplish everything through others by Enabling them and providing every other support.

But many Job Posts or Articles related to Product Management, clearly Mention having – “Do Whatever It Takes” mentality

That is wrong. You shouldn’t be a jack of all Trades. If you are doing Coding, Designing, Marketing, all by yourself, then you are not the ideal PM.

The PM should jump in all these tasks when there is a lack of bandwidth and the Product launch is getting delayed. But in Other Cases, definitely not.

Not only PM But everyone should help out each other in such circumstances

As a Product Manager, Your Job is to act like a Coach

You should be the one to Enable all the resources and necessary support your team might need.

You should be the one who is talking and coordinating with other teams, Stakeholders and Customers, to make sure that your team can focus on the actual Tasks with complete clarity

You should be the one to make sure the complete team works in Harmony.

You should be the one to motivate your team and educate them on what the Final Goal of Product Should be.

While doing all of these, you also need to be Careful up to What Extent you can provide the support

If you have some experience and if you are leading the team of rookies, then you can make every decision yourself and can decide what is good for the entire team

If you have some folks in your team with the same experience as of yours then you must discuss with them before finalizing anything

And if you have much Senior Persons in your team than you, then let them take the lead and be sure to be there whenever they need your support

At last, if your Product Wins, share the achievement with every single person

And if your Product Lose, then you should be the one taking entire responsibility of the same.