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How can we improve BlinkIt?

Objective: To improve the Monthly spends/customer on the Blinkit platform by +10%

User Group:

There are two very broad levels of User Groups here:

a) Bachelors {Living Alone, unstable lifestyle}

b) Family {Living Together, stable lifestyle}

Let’s pick the user Group A.  Let’s think about the current Problems and Opportunities we can uncover for this user segment

Problem 1: 

I am not sure about the Quality of the items. There is a fear that if I order something (esp. Veggies, Fruits) and it turns out to be of a bad quality. Hence I should go to the nearby supermarket, see the product myself, and then purchase

Solution / Idea:

Upfront calling out Guaranteed Quality.

While receiving the items, if the user is not happy about the quality of the product, they can return it right there to the delivery boy – No questions asked.

Problem 2:

I am not getting the exact product Qty that I want. E.g. I want only 2 tomatoes and 1 cucumber. I can’t order the same on Blinkit. But I can buy such custom Qty at the nearby supermarket.

Solution / Idea:

Allow users to purchase vegetables/fruits in a custom unit. Internally translate it into the approximate weight that it will lead to and charge accordingly.

Problem 3:

I am not able to purchase the exact quality of the product I want for a given dish. E.g., For a “Sandwich” – I need tomatoes which are a bit hard but for making “Dal”, I need firmer tomatoes (As they are easy to boil). On Blinkit, I can’t make this distinguishment hence I prefer going to the supermarket where I can see the product before buying it.

Problem 4:

I want to eat a particular dish – but not sure what ingredients go into it and in what Quantity. I am also not very proficient in cooking something

Solution / Idea:

Build a “Dish maker” feature.  Users will enter the dish they want to eat and Blinkit will tell what ingredients go into it – and in what Qty (Assuming 1 person is going to eat). There will also be an option for the user to buy the respective items.

There will also be a video – explaining user how to make that dish from the given ingredients. 

Problem 5:

I need a particular Product Type but am still not sure of which brand I should purchase. If I want to purchase “Protein bars” – Should I buy of “Yoga” brand or the “MaxRite” brand? 

Solution / Idea:

Build a feature for adding Labels to the product. These Labels can be “Best Selling”, “Blinkit’s Choice”, etc.


1. High Protein:

There is a growing need for consuming High Protein Foods. But discovering/finding them is difficult. Like I want to eat high-protein food items but what item it could be? 

Blinkit can create a separate section for “High Proteins”. Inside that – there will be further subsections – Fruits, vegetables, Snacks, etc.. (basically all the Food / Consumable items) that will contain the respective high protein content food items.

2. Calorie Tracker 

People who try to stay fit, consume a fixed calorie intake in a given day. 

People can come on Blinkit and tell their age, height, and current weight. Basis on BMI, Zepto can tell how much fat / muscle mass users need to increase / decrease and for the same what quantity of micronutrients they need to consume in a given day (E.g. 70gm Protein, 40gm Fibre, etc..) 

Users can now mention all the dishes they have eaten in a given day and Blinkit can tell based on the dishes – how much micronutrients they have consumed. If it is on the lower / higher side than the requirement, then Blinkit can recommend alternate dishes that the user can consume for Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner. 

For each dish, Blinkit can list the micronutrients needed to make the same and users can buy those. Blinkit can also partner with Cloud Kitchens to deliver the food directly to the users

3. User Personalisation 

Blinkit can ask the Age / Gender of the user – on the delivery page while the user is waiting for his item. Based on these two parameters, a lot of experience for the user can be personalized. For example, a Female in her early 30s has a high probability of purchasing Baby Related Products.

4. Building Cross-Sell Recommendation Unit. 

A great part of the Blinkit order experience relies on the user achieving a minimum cart amount to get free delivery. In general also, as a business, Blinkit should aim to maximize the user cart value. 

A user might not have this self-awareness of what else he can purchase when he is coming to buy one particular item. For the same, we can build Recommendation models to smartly cross-sell users to other products that go very well with their original intent. E.g. if a user is purchasing Bread & Milk, push for Butter