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How can we improve Acko?


To improve the number of users availing Health Insurance at Acko by 20%


User Group:

Let’s divide the user groups by looking at what stage in the user journey of buying health insurance are they wrt to Acko:

  1. Awareness: They are not aware of Acko’s Health Insurance Offering
  2. Consideration / Trust: They are aware of Acko but don’t trust it yet.

  3. Purchase: They are considering buying the Insurance from Acko but the process of buying is not straightforward/simple/complex for the users

We will now list out more in detail the problems being faced by users in each of the user groups and what can be some of the possible Solutions


Problem 1: Lack of Trust

User Problem:

When you buy a product like health insurance, it goes without saying that Trust plays a very key role given that you are going to associate with this product for a lifetime. Currently, when I consider buying health insurance from Acko, the Trust factor is missing. Throughout my journey, there was nothing to convince me that I could trust this brand.



A few of the things that Acko can do to instill Trust are: 

  1. Building subtle trust markers/features such as:

    a) Highlighting how many members we have provided insurance to date. 
    b) Showing Customer Testimonials (localized as per the Customer city).
    c) NPS / Ratings / CSAT given by customer


  1. In the current initial stages, we can also think of providing a Dedicated Relationship Manager to whom our customers can talk anytime. The majority of the customers won’t need to talk to the RM but knowing that there is an actual human behind this can instill Trust and confidence


Problem 2: Finding the Process / Flow of Buying insurance complex

User Problem:

Purchasing insurance on the platform directly can be a bit difficult task. I was purchasing insurance for the first time for me & my parents and there were many things I was anxious about and didn’t have any idea about:


  1. Lot of new terms that I didn’t understand (Waiting period, Cover amount – What all of this means?)

  2. I had a lot of questions to which I couldn’t get any answers of. E.g.

    a) Why do I need to fill up my existing disease? I don’t even know what disease I might have. Now, because I don’t know about the same, you might deny my insurance claim at the time I need.

    b) Why are only 14,300 hospitals cashless? Like won’t you cover my fees if I happen to visit my nearby hospital in the case of emergency? Does that mean I have to pay out of my pocket here?

    c) I went to the payment page but I was super anxious about what would be processed post-payment. Like will I get my insurance? Or will you guys call me? Like will I get a card? Like how I came to know that I have insurance now



  1. An explanatory video before the user starts his journey – a Video that explains all the steps that the user needs to take and how all of this will work out exactly – all the Pre & Post scenarios of buying insurance.  


  1. AI chatbot that can answer some of the questions of the user. If Chatbot can’t answer then provide a calling support. 


  1. Making it super simple for the user to understand what all plan entails – e.g. – Tell the user we cover every cost that is related to hospitalization and doctor consults apart from these costs that we don’t. It will be easier for users to keep track of things that Acko doesn’t cover v/s including what all we cover.


Problem 3: Not aware about the Acko’s Health Insurance

User Problem:

Being a new brand on the market, a good segment of the Acko TG might not be aware of what Acko Health Insurance is and what benefits does it provide. Health Insurance is a big market and via TV Ads / Paid Ads you can reach a segment of the users – but the question is – is that enough to create brand recall / awareness? Can there be other organic levers to generate awareness about Acko?



  1. Content Scale up: “Health” is one of the most searched categories on Google and hence organically there are a lot of people who are trying to gain more knowledge about a particular disease/symptom/condition. Acko can build several content formats such as Discussion Forums, Q&A around Healthcare, Publishing blogs on Health, etc.. All of these mediums will attract top-of-the-funnel traffic. These users won’t be the immediate buyers or have high purchase intent – but at least they will know what Acko is & what it does – so that at the time when they consider buying insurance, Acko as a brand can be at the top of the mind


  1. AI Reels: Using Generative AI / other AI tools, one can easily convert a written piece of article into short reels. Reels as a content format are more engaging. So all the users who are coming from the above content scale up, push them to subscribe to your Web Notification / YouTube channel. Then via these channels, keep on publishing short video content in a regular manner


I hope this was helpful

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