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How can we improve HealthifyMe?


To improve the engagement of the users on the platform by 10%


User Group:

Major user groups for HealthifyMe:

1. I want to lose weight – 30+ years – living in a family – have a stable routine/life cycle.

2. I want to stay fit – 22 to 30 yrs – living alone – unstable life cycle / routine.

Let’s zoom in on the user group (b) and see some of their Problems / Opportunity areas



1. To maintain my calorie intake/fitness goal – I don’t know what to eat – I am living alone, don’t know how to cook food, and primarily relying on Zomato / Swiggy for my food intake

2. I am not able to exercise/go to the gym regularly / eat healthy – because of work / or some other factor. I am just not able to able to prioritize my health/fitness in a regular manner



1. HealthifyMe can build a feature where the user can enter its details – like weight/height – and from its BMI we can tell the user how much fat / muscle – loss/gain he has to do to stay fit. 

From here we can create a complete diet chart for the user for a week – suggesting what he can eat for breakfast / lunch / dinner

We can open our own Cloud kitchen or partner with others – and provide home delivery of these food items also (via Zomato / Swiggy).

The overall idea here is to make HealthifyMe a one-stop solution for all the user’s Food Needs

2. Creating the concept of Fitness Score:

  • Depending upon the person’s BMI (from the info that the user provides)
  • how many times user go to gym (using GPS tracking)
  • His daily calorie intake (from the info we have captured via Snap)

 Using the above parameters, HealthifyMe can create a Fitness score for the user. Just like in the Finance world, we have “Credit Score”, we can have here “Fitness Score”. 

We can use this as a parameter to tell users how healthy they are. We can also give them a comparison view of how healthy they are with respect to other HealthifyMe Users. 

We can further gamify this – where we can give users some better discount on our services or kinds of reward – where the user ends up in the Top 100 list of most Healthy users on the platform. 


I hope this was helpful

PS: I am super keen to join the HealthifyMe Product team. You can learn more about me here