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How can we improve Uber


To improve the no of rides placed on Uber in Bengaluru City by 5%


User Group:

  1. Driver
  2. Rider

Let’s select the Rider user group and see the potential problems faced by them.


Problem 1: High Waiting Time

Problem Description:

Have to weight for a considerable period before the ride gets accepted



  1. If the user has selected one particular ride option and the waiting time is exceeding the predefined threshold, then suggest user other ride options where the probability of getting the ride will be higher

  2. Allow users to select multiple options (in order of priority) before requesting the ride so that Uber can check all the available options in one go.

  3. While users are waiting for their ride request to be accepted or waiting for the driver to arrive, engage them with some Games. This is something users can play and if they win, they can get some virtual reward. Like winning 1000 coins on the game will give you Rs 10 off on your Uber Ride.


Problem 2: Unclean / Unhygienic Cars

Problem 3: Driver Talking on the phone while driving / driving rashly



  1. Take Proactive Feedback from the user post their ride ends. Ask the user to specifically rate these parameters:

    a) Car Hygiene
    b) Speaking on Phone / Rash Driving

    If for a particular driver, there are enough incidents reported about the same, give the respective Driver a warning / take disciplinary against the driver


  1. While the driver is on an Active Uber ride and he is on a phone call for more than a minute, give the driver an alert/warning to stop doing the same. This will make them more cautious of the same


  1. Launch an “Uber Premium” experience for users. Think of this like a loyalty program. Users will pay a certain price upfront and Uber will try to prioritize those drivers for them – who are highly rated, have clean/hygienic cars, etc…


I hope this was helpful

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