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How can we improve Zomato?


To improve Monthly spend/customer on the Zomato Platform by 10%


User Group:

There are two very broad levels of User Groups here:

a) Users who order once in a while / on a special occasion ( once in a month)

b) Users who use more regularly (2-3 times a week or more)

Let’s pick the user Group B.  Let’s think about the current Problems and their respective solutions/ideas for the given user segment


Problem 1: 

I am concerned about the quality/preparation method of the food. I have this notion that outside restaurant food is bad and I should try to cut it down


Create a tag of “High Quality” and start mentioning it against the Restaurants – who follow the Zomato Quality guidelines. 

There will be a set of guidelines that the Zomato will give to restaurants, like:

  1. Fashing the food items clearly
  2. Preparing the food in the clean/hygienic kitchen
  3. Using high-quality / branded ingredients while creating food items

Restaurants who follow these guidelines will be awarded the tag of High Quality. To see if the restaurants are following the guidelines, they need to submit random 4-5 videos in a month for the given Zomato Order. From the Order Accepted to the Order Fulfilled stage, Restaurant staff need to cam-record the process they have followed. These videos will be internally reviewed by the team.

To push Restaurants for the highest quality standard, Zomato can reward them by lowering the commission / giving better visibility on the App / giving them certain free promotion Credits. This reward will in turn push Restaurant owners to follow the highest quality standard. 


Problem 2:

I am not getting all the required dishes from the same restaurant and I don’t want to order from multiple restaurants at the same time as the delivery cost will greatly exceed. E.g., for “Tea”, I know this outlet is good, but I also want to buy “Poha” which this outlet doesn’t sell 


Build a multi-search feature. As a user I can type at one go all the different food items I want and then on the Listing page Zomato can suggest only those restaurants that contain all the food items. Let’s say I want Tea and Poha. I will search it together – and only those restaurants will come in search results that sell both of them.


Problem 3: 

I am trying to stay fit and I can only eat a certain amount of calories in a day. I am not able to track if all my orders throughout the day are within my calorie budget


Create an automatic logger of the calories the user has consumed in a day – based on what he has brought. Whenever the user is buying a new item, suggest whether it is a within his calorie budget or over it. If the user is over it, suggest an alternate dish.

Users can also manually add/edit dishes/food items that they have consumed outside of Zomato to track the calories of the same.

This tracker will also track micronutrients – like Protein, Fiber, etc.. so that the user can get a view of that also.

(Zomato has to create internally a capability that will know the calorie/micronutrients of the popular dishes/food items for a given quantity)


Problem 4:

I need to eat high high-protein diet but I struggle to find varied options for the same


Create a more upfront & exhaustive discovery of the High Protein Food Section.

As a user when I enter into this section, I should see all the high-protein food items across all the food category buckets (Sandwich, Burger, Thali, etc..). The User can select a Food bucket and the dishes having high protein content will be shown. Under this section, users can also search and only those dishes will be returned that have high protein content in them.

Outside of this High Protein section, in the normal search/browse flows of Zomato, allow the users to sort the dish for their given intent as per the protein content. E.g. I searched for “Thali”. Now as a user, allow me to sort the list of results as per their Protein content.

For the dishes where Zomato doesn’t know about the protein quantum, add an approximate value based on the food content.


Problem 5:

I am not always sure what to eat – need to think/browse several options before making the choice.


Create a feature that will suggest user certain dishes based on the time of the day. These suggestions can be derived using Recommendation Models (Collaborative) – where we see what other users who are similar to our present user are eating and recommend those choices to the present user also. These recommendations can also be derived by seeing what type of food items the user normally consumes and then suggesting other variants of the same. E.g. If am buying thali from Restaurant A, suggesting me some different Thali from some other Restaurant.


I hope this was helpful

PS: I am super keen to join the Zomato Product team. You can learn more about me here