Why Should You Hire Me

If you reading this, it means I am keenly interested in joining your company’s Product Management Team

Here are a few highlights of why I believe I could be a right fit:


1. Got the Experience

~6 years of Product Management Experience in Leading Consumer Internet Startups in India (PharmEasy, Lenskart). Led workstreams across themes/charters such as Personalisation / Recommendation, Growth / New User Acquisition, Monetisation, Search, and Storefront Experience.


2. Love Building “0-to-1” Products & Scaling “1-to-n” Products

Love building / growing things from scratch. Played an instrumental role in launching Lenskart in International Geographies (US & Singapore) and scaling it to a $XX million revenue in a year timeframe. Also an ex-founder of an edtech startup. 

At PharmEasy, worked on building/scaling/improving its offerings to achieve significant incremental growth in GMV (+5% on a base of $XXX mil) and overall user acquired on the platform (+10% on a base of XX mil).


3. Hustler, Ambitious, and Entrepreneurial 

Love chasing big & audacious goals in a definitive timeframe. Proven track record of achieving large OKRs, and leading teams to get the job done


That’s all. Thanks for coming here and putting effort into knowing more about me. It means a lot to me. If you think, we can take this ahead, below are more necessary details to get in touch with me. 

Resume: https://kartikmundhra.com/resume/
Phone: +91 8130373985
Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kartikmundhra/ 


PS: I am also sharing here some of the case studies that I have done on Consumer Internet Products on how they can further improve their Product. This may give you an idea on how I approach problems and what’s my thinking structure

How Zomato can increase the Monthly spend per customer on it’s platform?

How Uber can increase its Number of Rides in Bengaluru?

How Zepto can increase the Monthly spend per customer on it’s platform? 

How Acko can improve it’s Health Insurance Offering?

How Jupiter can increase the no of users on it’s platform?

How Healthifyme can increase the engagement of the user on it’s platform?